Selection Process

Does your organization follow high standards for business excellence? Does your company strive for sustainable growth? Does your business want to stand out from the crowd?

If you said “yes” to any or all of these questions, India’s Most Ethical Companies Award presents a unique opportunity for you. It doesn’t matter whether your company is small, medium-sized, or big, as long as you have the passion for excellence, you stand to gain from participating from this prestigious award. Our team strives to not only identify but also reward companies that have laid a strong foundation for uninterrupted and seamless economic as well as societal development and is fully committed to their vision. Sounds like your organization? Well, this is your chance to put forward your business’s name in front of the whole country.

We have created a transparent and well-thought-of selection process to make sure that deserving companies get the recognition they deserve. We want to credit businesses that are making a telling contribution to the country’s economy and doing their bit to make India great. Let’s now look at the selection process of India’s Most Ethical Companies Awards:

How does the Process Works?

First Stage (Nomination):

This is the first step, one that gets the ball rolling. You can nominate your company yourself by filling out the nomination form on the website. Alternatively, a third party or a business associate can nominate you should they deem it appropriate and if they think your business deserves more recognition than it is currently getting and has a good chance to win.
(You can view the nomination form as well as the criteria under the “NOMINATION” section).

Second Stage (Initial Screening):

After receiving your nomination, our research team, comprising of highly experienced and talented professionals, will do the initial screening. To be specific, they will check if all the necessary details listed in the form have been provided by the company. If everything is in order and all details have been provided, our team will allot your nomination a relevant category, according to your area of expertise, and will forward your application for further scrutiny.

Third Stage (Evaluation):

After an application passes through the initial screening, it will be further evaluated by our talented research team. To be specific, in this stage all received applications will be evaluated on a number of parameters including, but not limited to, visionary business leadership, corporate culture, sustainable business practices, social responsibility, employee satisfaction and retention, innovation, financial stability, goodwill, customer satisfaction, products and services, and the quality of top management team.
On each of these parameters, the shortlisted companies will be ranked from 1-10 (with 10 being the best score). Along with the information provided in the form by the applicant, our team will rely on their research when evaluating companies on the parameters listed above. After ranking companies on the listed parameters individually, their average score will be calculated, which will be known as the Research Team Final Rating.

Fourth Stage (Jury Scoring):

In this stage, the participants will be judged and duly rated by an esteemed panel of distinguished jury members from different industries. (Our jury members are individuals who have distinguished themselves in their fields, be it Business, Advertising and Media, Finance, etc. The jury team will also include an international expert advisor.) Our jury team will rate every participating company from 1-10, with 10 being the highest possible score.

Fifth Stage (Final Stage):

The winners of the India’s Most Ethical Companies Awards will be finalized based on their cumulative score of our Jury and the market research team.
(Note: The winner must have a cumulative score of 7.5 or above. The decision of the jury and the research team of Berkshire Media Pvt. Ltd. regarding the selection as well as disqualification of participants will be considered final.)